Sturgis Stretch Bracelet

11 & Thoms


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So apparently Jane and Herkey had a baby...!  They named her, Sturgis *awww*

This bracelet is the combination of white dyed jade beads with gold paint and  jade rondelle beads.  Of course, we had to let her stand out on her own with four gold, dangley star charms.

Stretch cord for easy use, no clasp to worry about!  Designed with smaller wrists in mind but could accommodate a range of sizes.  

  • Star Charm:  .25" x .25"
  • Assembled Diameter (without stretching):  2.25"   
  • Ideal for 5 - 7" wrists
    ** Please be aware:  this bracelet is made with genuine stones and as a result, is more dense and may naturally fit / feel looser on your wrist **