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Happy, Unconventional, Affordable jewelry

As you might be able to tell, at 11 & THOMS, we don't favor subtle jewelry.  While we don't discriminate against anything dainty or demure (necessary for layering, duh!), big bold look-at-me accessories are our blood type.  The love for statement pieces runs deep

With our average price point around $30, we believe trying something new doesn't have to be so intimidating!


Our Mission 

We work hard to provide our customers with affordable, quality, jewelry and accessories that exude the feeling of exclusivity.  We want to encourage our tribe to participate in sporting the latest fads without sacrificing finances. 

Trust us, no trend is worth the price of a flight to Hawaii!  ..Although, our pieces would pair well with a tropical beach.. jk... but really, they would.  

Our jewelry invites everyone to gently push the boundaries on their fashion comfort zone without breaking the bank.


What to Expect 

At 11 & Thoms you can count on seeing a wide range of dynamic colors and materials to create necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and other accessories.  A large majority of our products are handmade and one-of-a kind.  We also offer non-handmade items that are purchased at wholesale. Most pieces are limited quantity - so if you love something, run, don't walk because it could go gone before you know.

Each item is carefully crafted or curated for the cost conscious yet curiously creative shopper.  We use a wide variety of materials to always keep the selection fun and playful! Our favorites are, freshwater pearls, quartz, painted hematite, brass / aluminum, onyx, acrylic/synthetic beads, and chains.  We love to mix and match, layer and style unassuming pieces together. As trends evolve, so do we!

If you are interested in custom work, we are already best friends!  Custom work is definitely encouraged around here - please get in touch with us here so we can chat about pretty things!




Want to know more about the maker?  Meet Emily, here!