About 11 & THOMS founder, Emily.

If you've clicked this page, my guess is that  knowing the back story of a small business means something to you.  And in which case, I'd like to say thank you!  If you're family, an old friend, or a new Instagram pal, welcome to this new world I've created over the last few years.



Growing up in a small town in Maryland, living in a big city was always on my heart.  I had dreamed of moving to NYC for years, so I decided to head to Manhattan when I was 18 year old to attend college.  After graduating with a BBA in Visual Merchandising, I went on to work in Corporate America for seven years.
After my last job left me so burned out, I knew I had to make a change.
A few months of soul searching lead to entrepreneurship and I haven't looked back.
You also might be wondering about the meaning behind the name, 11 & Thoms.
11 has been my favorite number for many years.  The number repeatedly pops up in situations I need it most.  Over the years, I've become convinced this is my Grandma's way of saying hello from Heaven and giving me a sign that she is present.
Thoms is an homage to the place I met my husband back in 2014. I was out on the town with some girlfriends in NYC. My friend recommended we stop into a bar called Professor Thoms in the East Village. It was a sports bar and one I had never been in before. I figured this would be a quick pit stop on the way to a more "formal" establishment -we were in heels for goodness sake! But as fate would have it, this is where I would meet the love of my life.